For new players

Greenvale Basketball Club plays under the Broadmeadows Basketball Association together with other clubs. The game is played on Saturday mornings. Each game is 40 minutes. 8.30am is the starting time of the first game through to the last starting at 4.00pm. Usually the U8’s at 8.30am, and U10’s 9.00am and progresses throughout the day according to age group.


We play at 3 venues around our area, mainly Broadmeadows Basketball Stadium, (behind the Broadmeadows Leisure Centre), we also play at the Broadmeadows Leisure Centre on the netball courts, and of course, play and train at the Greenvale Recreation Centre, Barrymore Road, Greenvale.

Greenvale Basketball Club Costs

$70.00 registration per season    Two seasons a year,

Winter: March to September       Summer: October to February.

Broadmeadows Basketball Association Costs

Cost to play each week is $50.00 per team, this is divided between the number of players. E.G, if there are 7 players the fee per week would be $7.50. Team Managers can either collect this once a month at training or at the game on Saturdays.

The Association’s stadium entry fee each Saturday is $2.50 per person including the player. Under 5 is free. If you have more than one child playing on a Saturday you only have to pay once at the first stadium.


Training is once a week for an hour, times vary from 4.30 to 8.30pm, Monday to Friday. We do try and get the younger teams to train around 4.30. Once a team is established then a court time will be allocated.

As Greenvale has over 40 teams, the current training schedule is quite full.

Uniforms are $70.00 and individually made with the player’s name and singlet number. Payment is due upon ordering.

For more information download our New players flyer or contact your relevant registrar.