Coach duty statement

1. Coach is responsible for conducting one weekly training session of one hour in duration. If unavailable the coach should arrange a suitable replacement.

2. Coach is responsible for coaching the players during their game on Saturday. If unavailable the coach should arrange a suitable replacement.

3. Coach should have the necessary knowledge to teach and develop individual basketball fundamentals and team skills appropriate to the age and grade of the team.

4. Developing sportsmanship, team qualities and self confidence is an important part of youth sport. Coaches should endeavour to develop these attributes and positively encourage all players.

5. Determine, in conjunction with team managers and grade co-ordinator, the composition of teams (grading).

6. Assist team manager as needed.

7. Coach is expected to attend club meetings as scheduled.

8. Coaches are not to allow non-members of the club to participate in any on-court activity during any time booked by the club for training purposes.

9. It is club policy to conduct Victoria Police checks on coaches who are 18 years of age or over. Coaches must be willing to consent to this check, to fill out the appropriate form and provide a copy of their driver’s license or birth certificate.

Extracted from the Greenvale Basketball Club Operating Policies and Procedures.