Drills, training, plays

The following are links to a variety of resources for coaches.

Drills, training and set plays 

From FIBA Oceania – Drills and Skills Manual, a perfect addition to the coaches library and “Coaching Made Easy” – A four-part manual prepared by Basketball Australia with assistance from FIBA Oceania.
Manual 1 – Training Drills
Manual 2 – Role of Coach; Sports Science, Disability Basketball
Manual 3 – Individual Offensive and Defensive Skills
Manual 4 – Team Offensive and Defensive Skills

50+ fully diagrammed and explained drills (in PDF format – 311Kb)
Player handouts on various topics (in PDF format – 201Kb)
Some out of bounds plays (in PDF format – 73Kb)
Two simple team offenses diagrammed (in PDF format – 25Kb)
The Shuffle offense – Basic Cut and Strong-Side Split (in PDF format – 39Kb)
Sample weekly training session plans for 26 weeks (in PDF format – 90Kb)
Sample player homework sheets (in PDF format – 35Kb)
Drills & out-of-bounds plays from Bob Anderson, Tennessee (in PDF format – 70Kb)
10 Week Defensive Program by Lloyd Mitchell (in PDF format – 1Mb)
Motion Offense – Author unknown (in PDF format – 1Mb)

Other fantastic web resources from around the globe!

From right here in Victoria, you can sign up to Coach Mac’s blog Basketball For Coaches and you’ll get the latest hints and tips – you can even download an e-Book of 26 plays! Here are some other Coach Mac gems:

The Farmington Youth Athletic Association site has some great videos for girls’ and boys’ drills.

iSport.com has a range of videos showing basketball lessons on YouTube.

The Shot Science Guys claim they have the most in-depth basketball tutorials on the web (they’re also on YouTube)!

The Coaches Clipboard An awesome site with masses of excellent material that will be of assistance to coaches at all levels.

Basketball Shooting Coach Teaches an original, easy to learn, basketball shooting behavior which induces unprecedented accuracy& teach the game of basketball to coaches and players.

Coach’s Notebook Coach Jordan has compiled a very extensive library of information here, also a very slick interface.

Sacred Hoops Lot’s of great basketball information here!

Tommy’s Basketball Playbook Coach Tommy Huneycutt from North Carolina, USA has put together a great site with tons of useful information on all aspects of the game.

Basketball Coaching – In Search of Excellence Coach Brad Winters has put together a great site with lots of useful information on all aspects of coaching basketball.

Positive Coaching Alliance Every coach in every sport should adopt these principles!

Coach Jackson’s Pages One of the best sources for diagrams of offenses, defenses and drills. Also, look out  for Coach Jackson’s responses on newsgroups, they are always worth reading – no matter what the topic.

Hoops U – The College of Basketball Knowledge Another great Homestead site with lots of great information, plays, drills etc.

PowerBasketball Lots of great articles, drills, reviews on coaching youth basketball.

Ken Lindsay’s Guide To Coaching Basketball Great manuals for players and coaches, and lots of other great info !

Other useful resources
Basketball Skills Checklist For U8-U18 Juniors (in MS Excel format – 33Kb)
Basketball Skills Checklist For U8-U18 Juniors (in PDF format – 10Kb)