What does it cost?

 What Does It Cost To Play ?

There are three components to the cost of playing.

  1. The first is the Greenvale Club player registration fees. These are currently set at $70 per season per player when paid on or before registration day. These fees cover the cost of the club hiring the training venue, registering our teams in the B.B.A. competitions and other miscellaneous costs.
  2. The second component is the purchase of the playing uniform and costs $70 for a full set. This is compulsory for all clubs competing in the B.B.A. competitions.
  3. The third component is match costs. Each team must pay $50 for the team sheet prior to the match and there is a $2.50 entry fee into the venue (players and spectators). Please note that you are only required to pay entry for the first venue on any one day, so if you have more than one game to go to, be sure to get a pass-out (stamp or ticket) for subsequent games. These charges cover the cost of venue hire on game day, referees and venue managers.

For further information, download our New players flyer, contact your Team Manager or the relevant club registrar below: