What does it cost?

 What Does It Cost To Play ?

  • Player registration fees. These are currently set at $65 per season per player. These fees cover the cost of the club hiring the training venue and other miscellaneous costs. In addition to this is the online BBA ($15 per season) and Basketball Victoria ($29 annual) registration which covers player insurance and competition costs.
  • Playing uniform. This can be ordered online, along with various club merchandise, at https://orders.iathletic.com.au/greenvale-grizzlies/. The required uniform is the “reversible playing singlet” and “playing shorts”. Any queries can be directed to our uniform coordinator at uniforms@greenvalegrizzlies.org.
  • Match costs. Each team must pay $95 to the BBA for each game which includes the team sheet and door entry. Payment is easily managed by teams using the TeamPay app. These charges cover the cost of venue hire on game day, referees and venue managers.

For further information, contact your Team Manager or the relevant club registrar below: