Our honour roll

The club has two annual awards presented to outstanding members of the club, the Dina Tomaselli Memorial Award and the President’s Award.

The Dina Tomaselli Memorial Award: A few years ago we lost a very dear member of our club – Dina Tomaselli. Dina served our club well for many years, was very well-loved, and was always front and centre to assist, offer her opinion, was one of the few people to attend our AGMs, and was a Team Manager for several teams over many years.

In honour of Dina and the contribution she made to our Club, the Committee voted in favour of recognising Dina annually via a special Award – the Dina Tomaselli Memorial Award, in recognition of the person voted Best Club Person for their ongoing efforts, contribution and support of the Greenvale Basketball Club. A perpetual shield along with a trophy was first awarded in 2010 and is awarded each year.

Year        Award recipient                              

  • 2018      Daryl Canny
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015     Snezana Glogovac
  • 2014
  • 2013     Lance Corby
  • 2012     Fran Baker
  • 2011     Marc Harrison
  • 2010     Carl Mascitti                            


The President’s Award: This is an annual award judged by the current President in recognition of outstanding contribution or service to the Greenvale Basketball Club.

Previous recipients of this Award have been:

Year        Award recipient                                           President

  • 2018      Marnie Costantini                                          Shane Gillard
  • 2017      Not Awarded
  • 2016      Not Awarded
  • 2015      Marianne Gusman and Voula Contin     Shane Gillard
  • 2014      Not Awarded
  • 2013      Debra Barron                                                Paul Byron
  • 2012      Lance Corby                                                  Paul Byron
  • 2011      Robert Malcolm                                           Paul Byron
  • 2010      Lance Corby                                                  Paul Byron
  • 2009      Vince Cassar                                                 Paul Byron
  • 2008      Fran Baker                                                    Liz Butler
  • 2007      Paul Byron                                                    Liz Butler
  • 2006      Andrew Haysom                                         Liz Butler
  • 2005      Not Awarded
  • 2004      Not Awarded
  • 2003      Leanne Bray and Kevin Houston             Andrew Haysom
  • 2002      Rhia Mikkor                                                Andrew Haysom
  • 2001      Michaela Martinello                                   Andrew Haysom