Team manager duty statement

1. Prior to the start of each season the team manager should organise the team registration sheet.

  • Legibly fill out team registration sheet including full names, addresses, phone numbers & birth dates.
  • Check all details with parents, don’t just assume they are the same as last season.
  • Ensure that each child signs the sheet properly. During the season each child must sign the back of each game scoresheet so that the signature matches this signature on the team registration sheet.
  • Return team registration sheet to club registrar prior to requested date.

2. Distribute to each family a list of contact details (phone numbers etc.) for the coach, team manager and all team members. Changes to these details during the season should be passed on to the Club Registrar.

3. Organise player registration cards for new players that have not previously played in the B.B.A.

  • Provide blue (for boys) or pink (for girls) card to parent. Parent should get this filled out and verified.
  • Return verified card to club registrar.

4. Any new player that has moved from another club within the B.B.A. must obtain a clearance before playing for the team. Clearances can be requested from the B.B.A. Junior Registrar or via Whilst it is the player’s responsibility to obtain the clearance, the team manager should ensure that the new player does not play until a clearance is granted. Clearances are usually not available after about Round 4 of a season.

Please note that if any player is requesting a clearance from Greenvale to play with another club, an approved club signatory (President or Club Registrar) must sign the clearance form. Team managers are not to sign clearance forms.

5. Ensure that players new to the team fill out and sign the “new player” section on the bottom of the back of the scoresheet at their first game. This only applies to players not listed on (or who did not sign) the original team registration sheet submitted at the start of the season.

6. Notify Club Registrar of any changes to the team (i.e. players no longer playing). Please note that any additions to the team must be coordinated through the Club Registrar.

7. Collect player registration fees prior to each season from parents. Team manager should remind parents of the deadline for fees and try to ensure prompt payment. Fees should be forwarded on or before Registration Day to Club Registrar (don’t hold fees until all are received). No Player is to take the court if unfinancial or unregistered with GBC.

8. Collect weekly match payments from parents. Some team managers prefer to collect these at training, others at games. Either is fine. It is the responsibility of the team manager to manage the finances of the team. You should collect enough money from each player to cover the weekly team sheet fee (currently $30).

Where a team is short on funds, the club policy is that players that miss a single match should still be required to pay for the missed match. Where a player misses consecutive matches due to illness, injury or vacation they should only be required to pay for the first match missed. Obviously if surplus funds exist, team managers may decide not to enforce this missed match payment. This is up to the team manager’s discretion.

Where a surplus amount exists in the team’s kitty, it can be used in any way agreeable to the team (parents). Some teams have a “free” week to use the funds, some use the surplus towards an end-of-season break-up function or trophies for the players. If required surplus funds can be returned to the Treasurer and will be put back into the club’s bank account. The team manager should maintain a financial record of funds received and used.

9. Complete and pay for the team sheet prior to the start of each match. The team manager must ensure that this is done promptly at the start of each game as the game cannot begin until it is completed. Please note that full names (not just initials) must be used.

10. Ensure that a scorer is available at each game. If required, set up a roster for parents. Refer to the Scoring guide and Timing rules.

11. Ensure that all players sign the scoresheet properly after each match. Please note that if a player does not sign the sheet after a game, that game does not count as a qualifying game towards the finals for that player. Usually, a player must play, and sign, in nine or more games in a season to qualify for the finals.

In the event of a walkover (one team not fielding enough players), where the team sheet is paid for and a scratch match played, make sure that all players present still sign the scoresheet as it can still count as a qualifying match.

In the event that a player is injured during the season for an extended period, you can present a doctor’s certificate to the B.B.A. and gain credit for missed games. This must be done at the time of the injury, not later in the season.

12. It is the responsibility of the winning team to ensure that the scoresheet is handed in correctly after the game. If the game is at the Broadmeadows Stadium the scoresheet must be put in the relevant age group box, outside the stadium manager’s office. For all other venues the scoresheet must be handed to the doorkeeper.

13. Ensure that first aid kit and ice pack is available at each game and training session.

14. If the team wishes to use their training session time during school holiday periods the team manager must notify the Greenvale Recreation Centre staff. As many teams choose not to train the club does not have a “blanket” booking of the court during school holidays.

15. Liaise with uniform co-ordinator for uniform needs

  • Keep track of the singlet numbers.
  • Order new ones as required.

16. Regularly (at least weekly) check boxes at Greenvale Recreation Centre reception for information that needs to be distributed to team.

17. Distribute club information to all parents / players. (e.g. code of conduct, newsletters, fixtures, fixture changes).

18. A team manager who is going to be away for any extended period should organise another parent to substitute and notify the club registrar accordingly.

19. Liaise closely with coach and club registrar regarding composition of teams, grading issues etc.

20. Assist the coach as required.

21. Attend club meetings as required.

22. All players and coaches are covered by insurance when playing matches and during training sessions. This insurance is provided by Basketball Victoria via the B.B.A. and is only available to properly registered players. Access to insurance claim forms is via the B.B.A. stadium manager. Accidents should be reported within 24 hours (or as soon as possible).

Extracted from the Greenvale Basketball Club Operating Policies and Procedures.