Coach code of conduct

Coach Code of Conduct

As the coach of young players you will become a role model. It is very important that your behaviour is beyond reproach.

1. Bad language or violent behaviour at any time is unacceptable.

2. Immediately after a game you should shake hands with the opposition coach.

3. During a game, acceptable behaviour by all members of the team bench (players, team managers and assistant coaches) is the responsibility of the coach.

4. Direct, hostile or negative comments to opposition coaches or players is unacceptable.

5. Coaches should abide by the “spirit” as well as the “letter of the law”.

6. It is not acceptable to consistently harass the referee to make favourable calls.

7. Accept the decisions of referees as being fair and made to the best of their ability. If you wish to query the decision of a referee do so calmly and politely at a time-out, half-time or after the game.

8. It is not acceptable to make indirect comments towards referees that allocate blame or incompetence (e.g. Don’t worry John, you never touched him !).

9. It is inappropriate for coaches to enlist or incite the crowd against the referees.

Extracted from the Greenvale Basketball Club Operating Policies and Procedures.