Training and our heat policy

Heat%20Exhaustion%202[1]Welcome back to the new year. As you may know, our competition starts again this weekend. Refer to the Greenvale teams page for your match times for Saturday.

Training does resume this week, however please be mindful of the health and safety of our players and abide by our Heat Policy <click here to read>.

Take care out there and good luck for the rest of the season – remembering we have an extra couple of games this time before finals start, to bring the season into line with our school terms.

Upcoming referee course

  • Are you interested in knowing more about the rules of the game?
  • Don’t want to coach, but want to get involved in some other way?
  • Want to earn some spare cash on Saturdays?

Whatever the reason, there is no better way to show your interest in improving our competition, than getting involved with the referees.

There will be a Beginners Referee Course hosted by Broadmeadows Basketball Association coming up in July. Your expression of interest can be emailed to

You must be a minimum of 14 years old to participate and the Referee program is very keen to get some mature age people (parents, older siblings etc) interested as well.

Once numbers are confirmed, dates can be set, then further information will be available on the BBA website.

When does the new season start?

Reminder that we have no basketball matches this weekend, 9 March …. the Winter 2013 season kicks off with round 1 on Saturday 16 March.

Please check with your team manager or coach when your team starts training – and the first round of matches and venues will be available shortly.

Remember you can get your news quickly from here – make sure all your team mates have subscribed to this site by entering their email address into the spot on the right hand side of this site, then clicking in the confirmation email that will be sent … and while you’re at it, why not follow us on facebook too!!

Updated drills and training resources

Whether you are a new coach, player or seasoned ‘pro’ we’re hoping our updated Drills, Training, Plays web page (under the For Coaches and Managers menu) has something to create that extra spark to kick off this season and have you and your team playing your grizzlie best!

Check out this one from the Shot Science Guys 

From FIBA Oceania – Drills and Skills Manual, a perfect addition to the coaches library and “Coaching Made Easy” – A four-part manual prepared by Basketball Australia with assistance from FIBA Oceania.

  • Manual 1 – Training Drills
  • Manual 2 – Role of Coach; Sports Science, Disability Basketball
  • Manual 3 – Individual Offensive and Defensive Skills
  • Manual 4 – Team Offensive and Defensive Skills

The Farmington Youth Athletic Association site has some great videos for girls’ and boys’ drills. has a range of videos showing basketball lessons on YouTube.

The Shot Science Guys claim they have the most in-depth basketball tutorials on the web (they’re also on YouTube)!

Do you know of any great basketball content out there on the web that you’d like to share with others in the club? Then we’d love to know it too – send it into us and we’ll update our page 🙂

Chocolate drive distribution this week

Just a quick reminder that our all-important Chocolate Drive Fundraiser starts this week. A committee member will deliver chocolates for your team at this week’s training session, please ask all players to return the money to you as soon as they have sold their box.

If a team member is unable to take a box please advise the Committee member so we can reallocate them.

Thank you for your help.

Own the Backboards – Rebound, Rebound, Rebound!

The team that gets the most rebounds nearly always wins! Here are a few hints and tips to make rebounding count.

  • “Block out” – make contact.
  • “Hands near ears !”
  • Watch the ball – anticipate where it is going to go !
  • Jump high – jump stop !
  • 75% of rebounds bounce the opposite side from where the shot was taken !
  • Grab the ball like you really want it !
  • Once you’ve got it protect it – pull it in, elbows wide !
  • After an offensive rebound – power the shot straight back up – power lay-up is the only shot I don’t mind you using two hands.
  • After a defensive rebound – look for an outlet pass to the wing or dribble the ball out.

Check out this Monster Rebound Drill from Shot Science Basketball on YouTube.