Notice of our Annual General Meeting

Each year we hold an annual general meeting of the club, where we reflect with our members on the success and achievements of the club from the preceding year. It is also an opportunity to look forward to the year ahead and with some significant changes happening within the Broadmeadows Basketball Association and how it engages with us, this upcoming 2013‐14 year should be an exciting one, full of potential for innovation and change.

In looking forward to the year ahead, we will also conduct a refresh of the committee, so are seeking nominations for people to become involved in the club.

This is an invitation to you, as a member of the Greenvale Basketball Club, to attend our Annual General Meeting for 2012‐13.

Meeting details:

Wednesday 14 August, 2013 … 7:00 ‐ 8:00 pm

Greenvale Recreation Centre, Barrymore Road, Greenvale

Click on the following for more details:

AGM 2012-13

Grand Final times and notes re rule changes for Grand Final

Congratulations to all those people who made the grand finals – your times and venues are attached below.

One very important thing to note for Finals is that Team sheets are written up with the players that qualify only. Regardless of the situation, DO NOT make any additions or changes to Players Names on the game sheet as automatic Team Disqualification could result. If you have any concerns please contact your Registrar or myself if there are any issues. Boy’s U8 to U12 – Lance Corby 0419330941, Boy’s U14 to U19 – Val Ceddia 0417227340 or all Girls – Shane Gillard 0400669714.

A few other things to note regarding Grand Finals are:

  •   Both Scoring Sheet and Score Board duties are performed by BBA appointed Scorers. As such there is no need for parents or Team Managers to score this week.
  •   All Grand Finals will be played on an hourly schedule beginning at 8:30am rather than the normal 50 minutes schedule through the regular season.
  •   Where two Greenvale Teams are playing off in a Grand Final, the team listed first MUST wear the bids to assist the BBA appointed Scorers. This affects the following teams:
  • U12 Boys Gunners
  • U14 Girls Superstars
  • U16 Boys Celtics
  •   Grand Final timing rules are slightly different to the rest of the season. Following is an outline of the key differences:
    •   Clock stops on all timeouts – the usual two in 1st half and two in 2nd half are available to be used
    •   Clock stops on every whistle in the last 3 minutes of the 2nd half
    •   If the game time is exhausted and the score is drawn, and extra 5 min game time will be played, until a winning result is attained.

    Can Team Managers and Coaches please make yourself familiar with these changes to avoid both confusion and angst during the game. I would also suggest you inform your parents and supporters so they are aware of these rulings.

    •   Formal presentations for U10 ~ U14 are to be conducted in the Bar Area under the BRM1 main seating
    •   Formal Presentations for U16 ~ U19 will be conducted on their playing court directly after their games

In closing, good luck to the 23 teams that made Grand Finals and looking forward to see you all on Sunday 3rd March for the annual Greenvale Basketball Club Presentation Day.

Grand Finals Summer 2012-13 2 March 2013

Click on the above link for a printable version.

Finals times and venues for this Saturday 23 Feb + it’s not cool to jump the back fence

Here are your times for finals this Saturday.

Please respect the Association and venue attendants by entering by the main doors – it is definitely not cool to come in the back doors – it is unfair to everyone and definitely not allowed and will be monitored more closely. Please advise your team members that the back doors are to remain closed at all times. We have venue supervisors at one entrance only so they can see who is entering and leaving at all times – this is to keep it a safe place for our families to enjoy.

Another important thing for finals is that team scoresheets are written up with the players that qualify only. Regardless of what the teams thoughts are, if you have a player in your team that is not listed on the sheet DO NOT make any additions to the sheet or play that player. You will find that the player has not signed the game sheets after the game or they have not been registered with the team correctly during the season. If you have any concerns please contact your Registrar before Saturday if there are any issues. Boy’s U8 to U12 – Lance Corby 0419330941, Boy’s U14 to U19 – Val Ceddia 0417227340 or all Girls – Shane Gillard 0400669714.

Summer 2013 Finals - week 2 - 23 Feb 2013

Click on image or here for a printable pdf version

Please let your teams know about your finals times … better still, get them to follow this website (click here) and follow us on Facebook and they’ll get the latest and greatest news as it happens 🙂

Presentation Day 2013

Our past Presentation Days have been very well attended with only great feedback from those who attended so please encourage your team members to get their numbers in early.
The committee will be at the Rec Centre between 6pm and 7:30pm on the 13th of December to collect your teams numbers, please bring your numbers for us on the night.

Presentation Day 3 March 2013