Who wears the bibs?

It’s actually becoming a more common question than ever, due to the increase in the number of Greenvale vs Greenvale games.

So who does wear the bibs?

The team listed first on the fixture and on the game sheet wears the bibs and they can be found at the front desk at any of the venues. Alternatively, if your team needs to wear bibs and your team has a full set of training tops you are permitted to wear them as an “alternate strip”.

Brush up on your scoring skills for finals this week

Filling in the score sheet legibly and correctly is important every week, but probably most vital during finals matches. Please take a moment to review our tip sheet for filling in the score sheet so you can feel confident in heat of the moment. You might also want to refresh your memory on the timing rules.

This is also a great opportunity to wish all the teams the best of luck and good sporting spirit for the grand finals this weekend.

Scoring guide