Updated drills and training resources

Whether you are a new coach, player or seasoned ‘pro’ we’re hoping our updated Drills, Training, Plays web page (under the For Coaches and Managers menu) has something to create that extra spark to kick off this season and have you and your team playing your grizzlie best!

Check out this one from the Shot Science Guys 

From FIBA Oceania – Drills and Skills Manual, a perfect addition to the coaches library and “Coaching Made Easy” – A four-part manual prepared by Basketball Australia with assistance from FIBA Oceania.

  • Manual 1 – Training Drills
  • Manual 2 – Role of Coach; Sports Science, Disability Basketball
  • Manual 3 – Individual Offensive and Defensive Skills
  • Manual 4 – Team Offensive and Defensive Skills

The Farmington Youth Athletic Association site has some great videos for girls’ and boys’ drills.

iSport.com has a range of videos showing basketball lessons on YouTube.

The Shot Science Guys claim they have the most in-depth basketball tutorials on the web (they’re also on YouTube)!

Do you know of any great basketball content out there on the web that you’d like to share with others in the club? Then we’d love to know it too – send it into us and we’ll update our page 🙂