Own the Backboards – Rebound, Rebound, Rebound!

The team that gets the most rebounds nearly always wins! Here are a few hints and tips to make rebounding count.

  • “Block out” – make contact.
  • “Hands near ears !”
  • Watch the ball – anticipate where it is going to go !
  • Jump high – jump stop !
  • 75% of rebounds bounce the opposite side from where the shot was taken !
  • Grab the ball like you really want it !
  • Once you’ve got it protect it – pull it in, elbows wide !
  • After an offensive rebound – power the shot straight back up – power lay-up is the only shot I don’t mind you using two hands.
  • After a defensive rebound – look for an outlet pass to the wing or dribble the ball out.

Check out this Monster Rebound Drill from Shot Science Basketball on YouTube.